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The Thirst

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Maxx and his girlfriend Lisa are a pair of recovering drug addicts whom are recruited by a clan of sex & violence crazed vampires led by the egotistical and charismatic Darius. But to become members, Maxx and Lisa have to give up their humanity and become vampires themselves. As Maxx and Lisa adopt to their new lifestyle of immortality with all the advantages and disadvantages, their addiction to drugs now turns to addiction to human blood and each new 'fix' leads them deeper into debauchery. Will these two rookie vampires find salvation, or be damned to all eternity of their latest thirst for blood?

Title : The Thirst

Year : 2007

Runtime : 88

Release Dates: 2007-05-15


Actors :

Adam Baldwinas
Matt KeeslarasMaxx
Clare KramerasLisa
Jeremy SistoasDarius
Serena Scott ThomasasMariel
Neil JacksonasDuke of Earl
Ave Rose RodilasSister #2
Alicia MortonasSara
Charlotte AyannaasMacey
Erik PalladinoasJason

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